Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Domestic Helper (Combodia Vs Indonesia)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Domestic Helper

In Malaysia, once you were able to employ a good attitude Indonesian or even Cambodia house maid via a maid agency in Malaysia, she will be an asset to your family. As employer you should value and value her. However, in contrast as employer, it’s essential to be firm enough to deal with her from going against your will.

Throughout our experience, selecting Indonesian, Cambodian or Philippine domestic helper could be a time-consuming along with tedious procedure. Almost all registered maid agency in Malaysia need to carry out selection interviews of candidates, and in many cases perform a profile check on the person you hire doesn’t have a bad record or anything. The maid agency in Malaysia will endeavour their very best to minimize miss matched but there’s no guarantee. Listed here are some pros and cons of hiring Indonesian domestic helper vs. Cambodia maid in Malaysia:-

Strengths associated with employing Indonesian house maid:-

  • They are tough
  • They are willing to take care of seniors (specifically bedridden)
  • They are ready to communicate in Malay
  • These people are usually willing to deal with pets
  • These people can assist in reducing your day-to-day house duties
  • They are adaptable

Disadvantages of hiring Indonesia maid:-

  • Chances of running away is high due to their own majority population in Malaysia
  • They can steal
  • They can be careless
  • They can be unhygienic
  • They can be stubborn (especially those maids from East Timor)
  • They are not trust worthy
  • Majority low education level, therefore can be easily influence by outsiders

Benefits of hiring Cambodia maid:-

  • They are young and energetic
  • Virtually no runaway problem or social issues
  • Most of them are Buddhist
  • These people are gentle spoken
  • They are usually obedient
  • They can aid in reducing your daily house chores
  • Capable of digest our dialect reasonably well but this depends upon their own understanding power. Experienced Cambodia maids have the ability to communicate & understand simply English, Mandarin, Cantonese as well as Malays

Disadvantages of choosing Cambodia maid:-

  • They are not willing to take care of older folk (particularly bedridden)
  • For new house maid will have communication obstacle
  • Personal hygiene isn’t there because of poor nation background compared to Indonesia
  • Majority low education level, their country is actually Twenty years backward

To conclude, once we employ live-in domestic helper, we are taking risks. Consequently, as the employer he/she must be thoughtful and acquire full responsibilities on all kind situations happen. Needless to say, whenever concerns no turning point on coping with the maids, the employer must always seek assist and consultation from maid agency.


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